Bhutan Local Governance

  Launch of IP theme song music video


The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP) in a muted yet formal ceremony in their office, launched the Intellectual Property theme song music video on 01 May, 2020. The theme song will now be used for all IP related functions as well as for the Department’s outreach and awareness programmes.

The music video highlights the importance of the role of the IP system for the social, cultural and economic growth and Prosperity of the country and the critical role the creators and innovators and artists play not only in defining and affirming the cultural identity of the country but also in entertaining and thereby enhancing the well being and happiness of the society and country.

Mr Kinley Tenzin Wangchuk, Director General, DoIP acknowledged and thanked the staff of the Department and the local artists for their contribution in the music video and spoke about the gift and relevance of songs and music in lightening hearts and lifting up spirits in these dark and somber times. He referred to the appreciation success of the young British singer-song writer Dua Lipa recently achieved by releasing her latest album from her apartment without the brand backing of any major recording labels under lock-down conditions.

Music he said, has the ability to cheer us up under any circumstances irrespective of the wide and varying differences in our upbringing and cultures.

Please click this link to view IP theme song video