Bhutan Local Governance

  Workshop on Intellectual Property, Trademark and Trade Name


The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP) conducted a two-day workshop on Intellectual Property, Trademark and Trade Names for the Regional Trade & Industry Offices (RTIOs) and Economic Development Officers from January 9 to 10, 2020 in Phuntsholing.

In recent times, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been encountering the cases of conflicts between the Trademarks registered with the DoIP and the Trade Names (business names) registered with the RTIOs. During the workshop, the DoIP and the RTIOs identified and discussed the legal and institutional factors leading to the increasing cases conflict between the Trademark and Trade name. Based on the discussion, the DoIP and the RTIOs agreed to work on the convergence of existing gaps in the relevant laws and institutional cooperation.

In April 2019, the DoIP launched the Bhutan Online IP Search (BOIPS) website wherein an individual can access to and search for any Trademarks filed and registered in Bhutan and take measures to avoid conflicts between the Trademarks and Trade Names.  Further, the need to sensitize RTIOs and EDOs on the operational aspects of the BOIPS and on the legal rights and difference between Trademark and Trade Name was identified during the Annual Trade and Industry Conference held in June 2019 at Thimphu.

Hence, during the two-day workshop, DoIP sensitized the RTIO Officials and EDOs on the various subject matters of Intellectual Property, legal rights between Trademarks and Trade names and practical session on conducting Trademarks search in BOIPS website.