Bhutan Local Governance

  Workshop for Hub on Enabling Innovative Environment (EIE) to Strengthen the Business Competitiveness


As part of Bhutan’s ongoing 5-year project on EIE to Strengthen the Business Competitiveness through Brands and Designs with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a two-day workshop has been conducted by
international branding experts for the members of the Branding Hubs at the UN House in Kawajangsa, Thimphu from November 20-21, 2019. The purpose of the workshop is to initiate with the first round of capacity building for the members of Hub, to enable them to provide advisory services on different aspects of branding to local stakeholders in Bhutan. The Hub is constituted by the officials from the Departments of Cottage and Small Industries and Intellectual Property.
The first day focused on trademarks and industrial designs, and the second day covered other aspects such as, key concepts of branding, how to come up with a brand, how to effectively use marketing and digital marketing, etc. The WIPO fielded two experts Mr. Julio Zenetti and Mr. Yu Hashim for the workshop and a National Conference on Brands and Designs for the stakeholders in Thimphu on November 22, 2019.