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  The launch of the Annual IP Magazine, 2019

21 June 2019, Thimphu: The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP), Ministry of Economic Affairs launched the second edition of the Annual IP Magazine, 2019 in a formal ceremony in the Ministry. His Excellency the Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo graced the ceremony as the Guest of honour.

The DoIP launched the first Annual IP Magazine in 2018 with the objective to promote intellectual property (IP) information among the general public. Based on the overarching objectives and strategies stipulated in the National Intellectual Property Policy, 2018, the Magazine is intended to spread IP information and promote the use of IP in the country by creating broader awareness on the IP system and the role they play in the socio-economic and cultural development. To this effect, the Annual Magazine is being published on an annual basis.

The Magazine comprises information encapsulating the different facets of IP including general concepts of IP, legal rights and remedies, articles, graphical statistics and case examples among others. In addition, the Magazine also captures the different components of the DoIP’s milestones, achievements and successes. All in all, the Annual Magazine is intended to serve as a definitive source of information for the general public, the right holders, IP agents, IP law enforcement agencies, and government policy makers. The DoIP hopes that the Annual Magazine will contribute towards the overall IP value creation in the country.