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  Launch of IP Theme Song

Coinciding with the World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2019, the Department of Intellectual Property launched an Intellectual Property (IP) theme song.

The objective of the IP theme song is to promote and disseminate IP and related information to the public as well as to demystify the seemingly complex nature of IP through a musical rendition. The lyrical narration of the song portrays the significance of our distinct culture and heritage against the flux and change brought about by modern innovation and creativity for economic progress and overall well-being of the country. The theme song captures the significant role of a dynamic IP system in attaining sustainable development through holistic policies and laws. Overall, the song encourages people to come forward to protect their IP and inculcate respect for others’ IP.

The song is written and composed by Mr. Tashi Dendup and performed by our popular and well-known singers Mr. Karma Phuntsho and Ms. Chimi Wangmo.

In addition to the audio-musical rendition, the Department will soon develop a musical video based on the IP theme song to further promote and disseminate the IP and related information to the public in a much more immersive and enjoyable way. The IP theme song can be played by clicking the play-button below.







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