Bhutan Local Governance

  Awareness Program on Intellectual Property & Social Media Etiquette

The Department of Media Creative Industry and Intellectual Property (DomCIIP) successfully conducted an awareness program on Intellectual Property (IP) rights at the Technical Training Institute (TTI) in Chumey, Bumthang, on 16th June 2023. A total of 112 trainees and 19 staff attended the program. In line with the Department's Annual Performance Agreement (APA) activities and also in line with the Department's mandate to create awareness on IPRs, the program aimed to educate and create awareness among the trainees and staff members regarding the various IP titles and the importance of IP rights. The program also encouraged the trainees to register their IPs and incorporate Intellectual Properties at the institute or their business/workplace. 

The program consisted of presentations on the basic concepts of the different Intellectual Properties, namely Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Industrial Designs, and their importance. Also, it included a session on social media etiquette, mainly highlighting the responsibilities of netizens on online platforms. 

Furthermore, TV spots on IP were played, and IP brochures were distributed to the participants to serve as educational resources and reminders of the significance of IP rights even after the program concluded. The participants expressed enthusiasm and found the subjects relevant and interesting.