Bhutan Local Governance

  Awareness of Copyright System and Coaching Program for Future Writers and Publishers

The Department of Media, Creative Industry, and Intellectual Property (DoMCIIP) organized a two-day program from 17-18 August for individuals and representatives from the writing and publishing sectors. 

Day 1: "Awareness of the Copyright System": The program was aimed to create awareness of copyright law and its importance. The session featured discussions on the fundamental principles and concepts of copyright, shedding light on its significance in protecting creative works. Participants were also informed of the enforcement provisions under the copyright act to safeguard the copyright works. The officials from the department also shared about the Copyright & Creative Industry Promotion division's role in the copyright landscape, providing insights into the Division's mandates and activities in nurturing and developing copyright-based industries. 

Day 2: "Coaching Program for Future Writers & Publishers: Session Two": The coaching program was organized in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in a hybrid format with WIPO officials and resource speakers joining remotely.

The program was a sequel to the "Coaching Program for Current and Future Writers & Publishers," held from January 23 to 26, 2023, in cooperation with the WIPO. The earlier program provided practical knowledge and experiences for the writers and publishers. Building on this foundation, the follow-up program was aimed to empower participants by sharing lessons from the previous session and engaging in continued dialogue with the experts. The program imparted valuable knowledge and advice, including aspects of copyright, to the participants to update and develop their skills to become better writers, editors, or publishers.