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  World Intellectual Property Day Celebration – April 26, 2022

IP & Youth: Innovating for Better Future

Virtual Celebration

On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day – April 26, 2022, the Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP) in collaboration with Samuh Mediatech, hosted an hour-long live Virtual Celebration through the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Samuh Mediatech’s Facebook pages. In consonance with the global celebration theme of the year, “IP and Youth; Innovating for Better Future,” young artists were engaged in the live musical performances and dissemination of IP messages. Additionally, viewers were also informed and sensitized on the enforcement of the IP rights against acts of piracy and infringement. IP Day is celebrated every year to create greater awareness of IP rights and to educate the people about the importance of IP in stimulating creativity and innovation, and its economic contributions. This is one of the collaborations the Department carries out periodically with the key stakeholders. 


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National Trademark Award

Coinciding with World IP Day 2022, the DoIP also hosted the National Trademark Award 2022 to recognize the entrepreneurs for their innovative business strategies and for serving as an example to other new and potential businesses. The Trademarks were evaluated based on technical and relevant general criteria by setting a qualifying threshold point. The winners of this year’s National Trademark Award are as follows:

1st Prize Winner: Druna Ghu (Class 30 – Food items of plant origin - Biscuits)

2nd Prize Winner: Zhiwa (Class 30 – Food items of plant origin – Protein food)

3rd Prize Winner: Bhutan Health Care (Class 10 – Surgical/Medical devices or articles – Face masks & PPE) 

The main objective of conferring the awards to owners of the registered Trademarks is to distinguish them as examples in encouraging the creation, registration, promotion, and use of trademarks among other local entrepreneurs as one of the business strategies. 

Most of the subsequent contenders said they were inspired by the innovation and Trademarks of prior winners to create their marks. Trademarks are, in general, distinctive business identities to distinguish your goods and services from those of the competitors or other businesses. Act as an indication of quality, functions as a marketing/advertising tool, easy recognition by satisfied customers and gain customer loyalty, the scope of expansion for franchising and licensing to earn income. In some countries, Trademarks can also serve as a collateral to obtain a loan. 

Concurrently, as part of the celebration, the Department also published Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo’s World IP Day message in the Kuensel’s supplement and sent bulk SMS to BMobile and Tashi Cell users for public information.

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