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Virtual Coaching Program for Artists and Managers of Creative Enterprises and the Role of Copyright

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the Japan Copyright Office (JCO), Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Government of Japan organized a virtual Coaching Program for Artists and Managers of Creative Enterprises and the Role of Copyright on March 23, 2022.

More than thirty participants from the creative sector comprising artists, music producers, composers, content creators, videographers, OTT service providers, and Intellectual Property officials from Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka attended the three-hour program.

The participants were provided with practical information and knowledge with a specific focus on: (i) how artists and creative enterprises could benefit from the copyright and related rights; (ii) how artists and creative enterprises could work together to add value and broaden markets for their works and products; and (iii) how cultural institutions, trade associations and copyright offices could support artists and creative enterprises. 

The speakers from Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines shared their practical experience and knowledge on the subject of copyright. The speakers presented on relevant topical issues and provided valuable insights about copyright from an international and the national perspectives of some countries, primarily focusing on the management of rights and the role of government in supporting the creative sector.