Bhutan Local Governance

  Webinar on Intellectual Property for the entrepreneurs


The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP) in collaboration with iHub Bhutan hosted a webinar on Intellectual Property (IP) for the entrepreneurs on Feb.25, 2022. The participants were introduced to the basics of four different IP subject matters which are being administered and protected in compliance with the two existing national IP Acts, namely, the Industrial Property Act and the Copyright Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan. 

iHub Bhutan with support from the JICA Bhutan Office is in the process of carrying out a project on "Building Stakeholder Platform for Supporting Entrepreneurship in Bhutan," with the objective to identify each agency’s roles and programmes in promoting entrepreneurship in the country and also to identify gaps and explore possible collaboration in the ecosystem.  As part of the project iHub have also selected some entrepreneurs to undergo a mentorship program. 

Besides the significance IP protection in business and other discussions, the webinar also helped in building networks for future exchanges with the participants and complemented Department’s annual initiatives of carrying out IP awareness to diverse stakeholders.  The webinar was attended by 43 participants.