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  Virtual Training on Patent Examination

17 August 2021, Thimphu: The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP) in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has successfully conducted a Virtual Training on Patent Examination for the Patent Registry officials of DoIP. The virtual training is organized to update and enhance the knowledge and expertise of patent examiners of DoIP. Patent examination is a complex process of assessing whether an applied invention qualifies for registration as per the applicable law. 


The training was conducted virtually in view of the COVID-19 pandemic and was facilitated by the experts from the USPTO. This virtual training is a part of a series of collaborations between the DoIP and the USPTO following the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding in June, 2020 between the two agencies.

The two agencies also agreed to conduct similar virtual trainings on patent in due course of time. It is expected that such increased cooperation between the two agencies will not only lead to a skilled and professional workforce within DoIP but could also enhance overall service delivery and efficiency.