Bhutan Local Governance

  Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights


The Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Economic Affairs conducted one and half day sensitization workshop on Intellectual Property Rights to the Regional Office of Economic Affairs officials and business entities of Trongsa on April 5-6, 2021.

The first day workshop focused on overview of Intellectual Property (IP) and different branches of IP viz. Trademark, Industrial Design, Patent, Trade Secret and Copyright. Furthermore, the program also covered the enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights.

An additional half day was allotted to Regional Office of Economic Affairs officials to discuss on the pertinent IP related matters since they were the public interface of Ministry of Economic Affairs.  The discussion emphasized on issues related to conflicts between trademark vs tradename, practical session on browsing Bhutan IP Search for conflicting Trademarks and familiarization on the DoIP’s website where all the services we provide are available.