Bhutan Local Governance

  Awareness workshop on copyright and related rights – management and enforcement


The Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Economic Affairs conducted a half day sensitization workshop on copyright and related rights with special emphasis on the copyright management and enforcement on March 26, 2021. 

Copyright is an exclusive economic and moral rights accorded to creators for their original creation of literary and artistic works. Therefore, anyone desiring to use/exploit the copyrighted works must seek prior approval of the right holder. 

The half day workshop focused on the enforcement and management of copyright and related rights that comprises two important pillars of the copyright. Although the copyright protection subsists automatically upon creation of the work, to derive economic benefit from the creation, the creators must efficiently manage and enforce their works. With advent of internet and digital landscape that underpins today’s market, managing the rights through certain specialized organizations known as Collective Management Organization (CMO) provides a practicable solution. 

CMOs acquire rights/mandates from the right holders, they negotiate and issue licenses with the users, collect royalty and distribute it back to the creators. In gist, the function of the CMO equates ‘money -in money-out’. When rights are managed by CMO, the creators can concentrate on what they do the best, the creation of new works. That way, it adds to the enrichment of knowledge in the society and cultural development. 

The Department stressed on the requirement of setting up first CMO in the country to institute efficient copyright system in the country and to establish pirate free market.

The workshop was attended by creators in the field of music (performers, composers, record companies and producers).